What is PVC

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PVC is the common abbreviation of Polyvinyl chloride, which is the third-most widely produced plastic, after polyethylene and polypropylene. Pure polyvinyl chloride without any plasticizer is a white, brittle solid. It is insoluble in alcohol, but slightly soluble in tetrahydrofuran. PVC material is used in construction because it is cheaper and stronger than more traditional alternatives, such as copper or ductile iron. It can be made softer and more flexible if we use some plasticizers. The most widely used plasticizers are phthalates. In this form, it is used in clothing and upholstery, electrical cable insulation, inflatable products and many applications in which it replaces rubber. Currently most of what we called “rubber labels” are indeed PVC labels.

PVC is a thermoplastic polymer. Its properties for PVC are usually categorized based on rigid and flexible PVCs. PVC has high hardness and mechanical properties. The mechanical properties enhance with the molecular weight increasing, but decrease with the temperature increasing. When the temperature reaches 140°C, PVC starts to decompose. The heat stability of PVC is really very poor. Its melting temperature is only 160 °C. The linear expansion coefficient of the PVC is small and has flame retardancy, the oxidation index is up to 45 or more. Therefore, the addition of a heat stabilizer during the process is necessary in order to ensure the product's properties.

PVC is a polymer with good electrical properties. It is generally suitable for medium or low voltage and low frequency insulation materials. Because of its relatively low cost, biological and chemical resistance and workability, nowadays PVC are used for a wide variety of applications. Take clothing for example, PVC labels are very common, especially for children’s clothing and sports. PVC labels are also widely used for bags, cases, shoes, etc. In construction, PVC is used for sewerage pipes and other pipe applications where cost or vulnerability to corrosion limit the use of metal.

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