What are the different types of hangers?

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Hangers are great for keeping clothing off the floor, but they can protect your clothes from damage as well. Different types are used for different purposes. For example, metal or wire hangers are great for everyday use, but you should not use them to hang damp clothing up to dry. The wire can rust and leave stains on your clothing. Instead, you would probably choose plastic, such as belt hanger or coated wire hangers, which are treated with a vinyl coating to protect your garments; some even have a non-slip surface to keep delicate items from sliding off. Those with wire hooks and wooden bodies are usually used for hanging more substantial items such as pants, jackets, or suits. Some are even curved to keep the lines of sports coats, blazers, and jackets smooth. There are those that come with a clip on each end that are perfect for hanging skirts or slacks. This style can also be used for strapless items.

There are even specially designed hangers for ties, scarves, belts and other accessories. Tie holders are usually constructed from wood with several clips lined up across the lower rung so ties can be hung up easily. Belt hanger are similar in design, with hooks instead of clips, to help keep belts in place. Scarf hangers are often made from wood with several holes drilled through the body of the hanger; scarves are simply slipped through the holes.

Padded hangers are perfect for delicate clothing or lingerie. Usually covered in satin or velvet, they are also available in scented varieties. They are a practical, pretty way to replace sachets in your closet and keep clothing smelling fresh.Mini hangers are available in metal and wire, coated wire, wood, or plastic belt hanger, and they are designed especially for hanging children's clothing. They come in many colors, and using different colors is a great way to help children learn how to sort their clothes. For example, red can be used for short-sleeved shorts, while blue might indicate long sleeves or sweaters.

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