Woven Labels: Branding Your Apparel and Crafts

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From hand-knit items to clothing and crafts, custom woven labels are the essential finishing touch to raise awareness about your product and brand. Woven labels are the most commonly used on clothing and apparel for branding and identification purposes; a secondary use is on crafts and hand-made goods. They can efficiently display company’s name and logo in professional way. With the increase in brand awareness, an increasing number of garments suppliers draw attention to adopt novelty designed woven labels for purpose of enhancing brand image and expanding the market.

Woven labelsare made by weaving different threads together to form a design, which can be divided into satin, taffeta and damask labels. They are intended to brand your apparel or crafts, being a complement to them, rather than the first thing you’d see. With this mind, choose an appropriate relative size for your labels-visible on your garment, but not overwhelming. In addition, an appropriate shape is of great importance as well. Backed by state-of-the-art machinery and advanced facilities, woven labels can come in a variety of shapes geared to garments and customers’ demands. There are a great many techniques like die cutting, hot sonic cutting, end folded, middle folded with different effect. Manufacturers will try their utmost to help customers achieve the perfect labeling needs.

With the wide application of woven labels in garments and textile industry, woven labels have played such an essential role and attended a leading role in the market. The application not only helps in image enhancement of brand, making brand well known at home and abroad, but also boosts economic development like providing more jobs for the unemployed, stimulating domestic demand, etc. Moreover, some undeveloped countries are likely to shake off of poverty with the support of labeling industry and become richer and richer in partnership with developed nations.

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