The advantages of printed labels

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The production of care labels (also called printed labels) is one kind of practices in printing industry. It is simple than offset print, and the products commonly used in clothing, shoes, hats, underwear and the other daily necessities, purpose to let the customers to understand the material composition of the product they buy, and washing standard.

Principle of printed labels is use the film to exposure a resin version, it can make the content on the resin version form a bump effect engraving on the plate by laser. Then the content which need to print can be protruding. On the machine, resin version use itself own cylinder’s rotating to contact the ink or date to printed all contents on the ribbon.

Printed labels usual made by two materials, one is ribbon and the other is coating material. The ribbon is more expensive than cheaper.

Care label often made by ribbon and non-woven, ribbon is best to center fold, otherwise it will be have some burrs on the label after cutting. The Non-woven care label could not fold, and more looks more natural after cutting.

Because these labels product by print, so the color of labels is rich and full, also brighter, with high-definition, looks more fashion than woven label. It has high production efficiency.

Many labels are pre-printed by the manufacture. Ink and base color choices commonly to the Pantone matching system colors. The pantone system is very dominant in the label printing industry. Use pantone system, the printed labels can have richer colors than woven label, and you can use more thin and complex font. In the same size, a printed label can be printed more contents than woven label.

It is more conducive to publicize the brand and product’s with more detailed introduce.

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