A Brief History of PVC labels material

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This is a brief history of PVC labels. PVC is the material which resin is often supplied in powder. It was replaced traditional material to insulate wiring on military ships, in World War II. That time, no ones can think this material can be so commonly like we can see PVC labels everywhere.

In the 1912, the German Fritz Klatte synthesizedPVC, and applied for a patent in Germany, but before the patent expired have not been able to develop the suitable products for use. Then in 1926, Waldo Semon of BF Goodrich Company synthesized PVC and applied for a patent in the United States too.

In fact, PVC was found in the 19th century over twice. Once was by Henri Victor Regnault in 1835, another was in 1872, found by Eugen Baumann. In these two opportunities, this kind of polymer appeared in the beaker which kept the vinyl chloride under sunlight, and the vinyl chloride became into a white solid.

As we know, the chemist Fritz Klatte of 20th century, and the other chemists such as Russian Ivan Ostromislensky try to use the PVC as the material for commercial purposes. But it is difficult to process this polymer which is hard and some times may be brittle. And this man, Waldo Semon with the BF Goodrich Company he worked for, was using a method which adding various additives to plasticized PVC, this method made the material more pliable and easier to process. After that, many companies started to produce PVC and the volumes increased dramatically around the world.

Developers quickly found further, innovative uses through the decade and refined methods to enhance durability, opening the door to applications in many trades.

Cause the PVC can be long term storage, since the material is resistant to oxidation and degradation. So it is soon be a wide range of commercial applications, one of commercial products isPVC labels.

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